The Magic Lantern

While reading the first few pages of The Magic Lantern, a very broad question came to mind. How did these people continue to live through tragedy after tragedy without allowing it to overcome them? In the paragraph that starts with “Everyone, but everyone…” on page 63, it entails that once the wall was torn down people just went about their daily lives but with much more enthusiasm. Personally, I believe that these people were finally given a chance to just breathe and, in some ways, continue the lives they once lived. I think that they wanted their normal lives back so badly and that they would never take it for granted again.

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  1. I think that the people going about their lives as normal and exhibiting much more enthusiasm is a coping mechanism in itself. I feel that the descriptions of people acting “normally” in the first few pages of The Magic Lantern show that the way to rebuild and move on is to live your life and try to get past the time when East and West Berlin were separated. If you think about it, intermingling and reforming a community seems like a good way to rebuild those lost connections and try to repair the past.

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