Marxism and the Economy

After the stock market crash of 1929, the worlds hardships grew. A lack of jobs, production, and consumption were issues that needed to be dealt with. The one system that seemed to do the trick was Marxism. Stalin said that his successful communistic plans “cannot be regarded as an accident”( Mazower 121). Was this system truly what could have shortened the depression and made a large impact on economies quickly?

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  1. This is a very interesting proposition. I think theoretically the socioeconomic format of communism would be more stable than capitalism. State ownership of production, and equally divided wealth amongst the entire population seems like a recipe for stability. I mean surely people would be happy with economic equality and wouldn’t resort to selfish behavior, which is what partially caused the stock market crash. But I think this is wishful thinking. If America became a communist state post 1929, people’s freedoms would be severely restricted. I don’t think it would work in America or Western Europe as people are used to private ownership. Our individual liberties would be suppressed and it would result in civil disorder.

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