Disillusionment With Democracy

While reading chapter 6 of Dark Continent, I was interested in inter-war Europe’s “disillusionment with democracy” (Roth, 184). Roth goes on to discuss France’s and England’s wishes to redefine democracy to make it a feasible, prosperous system for the European people. I feel that the idea of a corrupt and poorly functioning democratic system is as relevant today as it was during the time of World War II. To elaborate, it seems that Europeans at the time lost faith in their democratic systems because of the interference of the state and a strong “bourgeois” presence. I feel that there has been recent unrest in the United States due to some of these same issues (among others). Do you believe that this translates into the state of our country today? Do you think it is necessary to “redefine” democracy and ensure that we are adhering to a true democratic system? Would this improve the political and social atmosphere across the country?

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